by Jacqueline Msimuko Mankanda | 11:37 pm

The 2 Best Things to do When you are Down

I did not learn how to ride a bicycle until much later in life by most standards. The main reason being that I did not own one growing up and the second, when we

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by Jacqueline Msimuko Mankanda | 11:36 am

5 Questions to Ask before you Quit your job

In each and every person’s heart, there is an in-born desire to experience greater choice and freedom when it comes to ways to earn money and generally enjoy life more. There has been an

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by Jacqueline Msimuko Mankanda | 9:25 am

How to Deal with or Overcome a Midlife career crisis

As minutes and seconds pass each and every day, we all go through the life process of change. Some changes are subtle and go unnoticed whereas others spring upon us without warning like the

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by Jacqueline Msimuko Mankanda | 12:30 pm

The Bridge Over

Welcome to Career bridge after a job gap. Hopefully you will find some tips and pointers to ease the process of re-entering the job market and managing a career shift Not the end of

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